The Winning Synergy

In corporation with Wyndham International to rebrand Berry Glee Hotel

We took a theme of the Winning Synergy for this “a Night to appreciate All the Partners” event held on 30 August 2019 in Berry Biz Hotel, the first creative business hub in Bali. Synergy is the powerful word to win a fruitful collaboration that the entrepreneurs have to establish and succeed in building a business relationship amidst this fierce competition. We can’t stand strong alone without the others. Each party has its own collaborative intelligence to contribute to a disrupting success. Change occurs too fast and furious. Only we together can respond to it in an open-minded and collaborative manner. We present our three proud properties with their own characters that always woo the interests of their own market segmentations on What’s New.

Berry Glee Hotel becomes Ramada Encore by Wyndham Kuta
In line with this continued challenging business landscape, we gladly announce that we are now in collaboration with an American globally renowned hotel chain, Wyndham International, to rebrand Berry Glee Hotel, known as a fun, young and family friendly hotel, onto Ramada Encore by Wyndham Kuta. We are so confident that the synergy in targeting the global markets will heighten our success exponentially in the very near future. We believe that Wyndham’s evangelists
in the globe are enthusiastic to experience its new hotel collections and get a new sensation.

Mr. David, the CEO of Wyndham and his team, flew specially from the United States to pay his personal attention to the signing ceremony that engraves a new history in the hospitality industry of Bali Island. Bali even though has been so popular as a tourist destination in the globe, this collaboration with a Wyndham flagship will make Bali and the newly rebranded Ramada Encore by Wyndham Kuta even more recognizable to the loyalists of Wyndham worldwide. This is a
new breakthrough for us that eventually we could have established this global cooperation after a long yearning hope. The new flagship will not only raise the brand image but also the reputation of Ramada Encore by Wyndham Kuta that potentially leads us to a desired level of an escalating success ahead.

The New Look of Berry Biz Hotel
In addition, we are also unveiling the New Look of Berry Biz Hotel, the first creative business hub in the Island of Bali that facilitates and provides the millennial and remote employees with co-working spaces, melting pots and virtual offices with high speed Wi Fi connectivity to gather, work and binge in an engaging ambience. It is a very accessible location to pop in for lunch and drinks with friends, colleagues and business partners to prospect a new business potential at affordable prices.

The new look is a lot more eye catching, inviting and thought provoking. The newly designed earth colour façade reflects more Balinese traditional touch that spurs its spiritual charm alone. The idea of redesigning the upfront look also draws the intention of passersby. We keep improving all aspects that increasingly comfort our discerning travellers to spend both their creative days and staycation. Re-launching the new look coincides with the 5th anniversary of Berry Biz Hotel. The 5th running year has indicated the significant growth of the business compared to the past years albeit some markets affected by the trade war between USA and China were dropping in the past months. It is a signal to work on other potential markets to compel the business growth in the future.

Berry Amour Romantic Villas where the flavours of love are.
The first love themed private pool villa in the island of Bali is a romantic tryst, a pilgrimage for lovers to live their dreamiest love story in the Island of Paradise Bali. Not only is the architectural design romantic by default, Desire, Mystique and Temptation but also is every single love experience sensational for lovers. To improve its romantic authenticity to tease couples falling in love, we now provide a wider range of romantic gamification, from Jacuzzi wonder, Pool Flowers, Bridal Showers, scattered rose petals, Romantic Bath Ritual, Sunset Beach Picnic to Royal Romantic Dinner. Only a truly gifted lover understands of how to exercise his romantic intelligence to pamper his other half in reigniting the spark of their bonding love by either one of romantic gamification in a celebration for two private
pool villa sanctuary. Celebrate your love where the flavours of love are to enrich your romantic experiences. IG.